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Campaign Timeline

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MagiReco Prereg Campaign tracker:

  • May 30th: Campaign Launched (26 day to launch)
  • June 6th - 5,000 Milestone Reached (19 days to launch)
  • June 11th - 10,000 Milestone Reached (14 days to launch)
  • June 13th - 15,000 Milestone (12 days to launch)
  • TBD - 20,000 Milestone
  • June 25th - MagiReco NA Launch Date

How to Pre-register for Magia Record NA

You can pre-register on either iOS or Android devices with the links below.

The more people pre-register, the more bonuses everyone get!

Note: Pre-registration is currently region-limited to only Canada and USA.

If you're outside of Canada and USA, you can still pre-register with the following method:

Pre-register Campaign

5,000 Prereg Milestone Reached!

10,000 Prereg Milestone Reached!

15,000 Prereg Milestone Reached!